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Lecture by Dr. Henry Pressler on the two types of ministerial orientations. Within the lecture Dr. Pressler discusses the essential nature of the orthodox Christian message. He also stresses the need for the preacher to have knowledge of the people who is to deliver that message. Dr. Pressler explains the various justifications for the great commission including the theological and existential.

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00:00:05 Dr. Henry Pressler talks about in seminary, every ministerial candidate should receive two types of orientation. The first is in the Christian message the essential of any preacher is the orthodox Christian faith. Secondly they must have knowledge of the people to who is to deliver that message.

00:05:05 Talks about the theological justifications for the great commission. One that is founded upon the systemization of Christian thought.

00:10:16 Talks about Hendrik Kramer the Dutch theologian as an example of theological justification of the great commission.

00:15:11 Talks about Christianity’s combination of values and fourth theological answer to justification of great commission.

00:19:44 Talks about experiential answers and E. Stanley Jones.

00:27:42 Talks about authority of the ego. The ego exclaims “mine is the only religion all others be damned” and the ego as the final authority for man’s own salvation.

00:31:03 Talks about basic drives of human beings.

00:32:05 Audio ends.


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