[ITC Missions Conference: Introducing Strangers to Hinduism, Part 1: Tools of Evangelism by Dr. Henry Pressler]


Henry Pressler

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Dr. Henry Pressler gives presentation on Christian evangelism. In his presentation He discusses useful tools for evangelism to non-Christians. Dr. Pressler explains how knowing the culture is essential to evangelism.

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00:00:12 Unidentified man introduces Dr. Henry Pressler.

00:00:35 Dr. Pressler presents the question before those in attendance - What does a Christian evangelist know about the religions of non-Christians?

00:01:30 Tells of three standard answers given to the question.

00:05:04 Talks about exhortation about Christian beliefs so that somebody will believe.

00:10:17 Talks about how in Hinduism there have been excellent scholars in the past (historians).

00:14:58 Talks about approaching non-Christian religions through the discipline of social anthropology and the social science in general. Says without language, history, philosophy, and theology what the social scientist tries to do in studying India would be shallow.

00:21:09 Maintains the minister needs to know how the society works, but to not spend much time on physical anthropology. Christians are not concerned about the physical and where persons come from but where they are going.

00:25:01 Recommends the first scripture that the missionary should read is the scripture that the Hindus call the Brahmana’s.

00:29:56 Talks about magazine India’s Culture Quarterly.

00:32:27 Audio ends.


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