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Dr. Saxena (professor Atlanta University), R.P. Saxena (student at Georgia Tech), Mr. Hakim (student Atlanta University) and Mrs. Hakim (student at Interdenominational Theological Center) participate in panel discussion on Christianity and Hinduism. Dr. Saxena explains that India is a secular state and also the trouble between Muslims and Hindus. Mr. and Mrs. Hakim discuss the need for Christians to evangelize India because of the message of Christianity and the social role of women in India.

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00:00:06 Unidentified moderator introduces panel discussion Christianity and Hinduism.

00:02:04 Calls on Dr. Saxena to give opening statement about the relationship between Christianity and Hinduism is in India.

00:03:03 Dr. Saxena talks about India being secular state. Says there is complete religious freedom in India and 80 percent of the population is Hindu. Talks of trouble between Hindus and Muslims.

00:08:13 Mr. Hakim believes Christians should seek to evangelize India because there is a quest in the human being to find what is lacking in their life. Believes Christianity is filling the quest within humans and people of India.

00:13:39 Mrs. Hakim believes the Christians should seek to evangelize India due to the social factors. Women do not have same social status of men in India.

00:23:43 Mr. Saxena talks about clarity of what Christians are trying to achieve. Goals should be made clear to Christians and those to whom they are trying to convert.

00:30:31 Mr. Saxena says Hindus have religious feelings. Talks about not having to be part of a certain religious sect to be considered a Hindu.

00:32:22 Audio cuts off abruptly.


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