[ITC Missions Conference: Christendom and Western Civilization]

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Dr. K.S. LaTourette gives lecture on the challenges of an expanding church. In his lecture he associates Christendom with the expansion of Western civilization. He explains how the intellectual currents (including medicine) and social revolutions in Europe have roots in Christendom and individualism.

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00:00:05 Dr. LaTourette greets those in attendance and speaks of the challenge of an expanding church and how we must view the world as a globe.

00:01:29 Reminds the audience that the good news means Gospel . Talks about how the world is shrinking and how air flight has helped the process.

00:07:01 Talks about how Christendom Christianity has been accepted.

00:11:39 Talks about secularism and church attendance falling off.

00:16:35 Talks about the intellectual currents. Can an intelligent person be a Christian given the science and sociology? Talks about how the intellectual currents began in Christendom.

00:20:00 Talks about how some of the revivals of religion in North Africa are associated with nationalism.

00:24:34 Suggests that vast revolution coming out of Christendom is coming causally because the forces are coming out what has been built into Western civilization by Christianity. Give example of rebellion of communism and Engels and Marx that came out of protest of the deplorable working conditions in factories.

00:29:03 Talks about population explosion comes out of Western medicine because of the reduction of infant mortality that comes out of Christendom.

00:34:15 Talks about the good gifts God has given through the good news.

00:35:57 Talks about how those present are living in a day when the church is more widely planted and more deeply planted than it’s ever been before and that Christ is more potent than he has ever been before.

00:38:56 Audio ends.


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