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K. LaTourette

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Dr. LaTourette lectures from the subject “The Look Ahead.” In the lecture Dr. LaTourette discusses the great commission given in the gospel of Matthew. He also speaks about racial tensions and problems in inner cities in America and around the world. Dr. LaTourette also discusses the importance of inter-church aid.

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00:00:05 Dr. LaTourette reviews his lecture from the previous day. Talks about his subject “The Look Ahead” (commission, trends, far future).

00:00:36 Talks about the commission in Matthew’s gospel to go unto the entire world.

00:03:12 Talks about present day trends.

00:08:41 Talks about the racial tensions and inner city problems in America and around the world. Talks about how Protestant churches abandon the inner cities.

00:13:12 Talks about helping younger churches. Talks about how churches are planted in their own answers with indigenous leadership. Talks about problems and challenges with indigenous leadership.

00:18:30 Talks about interchurch aid and churches who have more resources helping those who do not have as much.

00:23:03 Talks about former students in Korea who came to Yale.

00:30:26 Talks about the problem of world peace and the church’s role in easing tension between nations and the churches commission on international affairs.

00:35:01 Talks about the new commandment of Love given by Jesus. He talks about how there is not enough love.

00:42:52 Talks about bridging gaps in prayer and understanding in love. Talks about how he is conservative theologically and is an evangelical.

00:48:47 Talks about far future and if there is any chance for the great commission to be fully carried out.

00:51:57 Ends lecture.


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