[Thirkhold- Jones Lecture Series: The Crisis of Western Civilization]

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Dr. Pitirim A. Sorokin lectures on the crisis facing Western culture at the Interdenominational Theological Center. He describes the body and mind of Western culture as being sick. Dr. Sorokin roots the sickness in the emergence of science and its effects on law and morality. In the lecture he explores the ideas of social convention and relativism, and offers solutions to the crisis.

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00:00:05 Unidentified man talks about spiritual values controlling country life.

00:01:58 Dr. Harry V. Richardson gives opening remarks and introduces Dr. P.A. Sorokin.

00:06:58 Dr. P.A. Sorokin greets those in attendance and talks about his prediction of the Western culture.

00:08:26 States his prediction of Western culture. Says every important aspect of the organization of Western society is in an extraordinary crisis.

00:27:48 Talks about how Medieval culture became the dominant culture around 5th or 6th century and lasted till about the 12th century.

00:31:42 Talks about the most recent centuries in human history, which a new system of values developed.

00:56:39 Dr. Sorokin talks about Western society being in the midst of possibly the greatest crisis in the whole human history.

01:04:29 Talks about how he is sorry to say in the20th century no new great theological system emerged, and this is evidence of the further decline of the social culture.

01:25:17 Talks about religious revivals going on in other countries and America, media has overestimated these religious revivals because it is superficial.

01:34:51 Talks about world wars occurring and death of many people would put an end to the creative history of man.

01:44:16 Talks about prescriptions against war and solutions for lasting peace.

01:53:42 Talks about how the ruling elite presents the most criminal behavior, with no exception for this rule even in democratic countries.

01:58:12 Talks about new internal order and culture built on new fundamental system of values.

02:04:34 Ends lecture.


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