[Thirkhold- Jones Lecture Series: Moral Transformation of Man and the Man-Made Universe]

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Dr. Pitirim.A. Sorokin gives lecture on moral transformation of man and the man-made universe at the Interdenominational Theological Center. In this lecture, Dr. Sorokin discusses love as energy. He explains how there has been no serious systematic attempt to study the energy of love. Dr. Sorokin also discusses observations from his own experiments with love

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00:00:09 Dr. Sorokin greets Interdenominational Theological Center president Dr. Harry V. Richardson and guests and speaks of moral transformation of man and the man-made universe.

00:01:12 Talks about without a notable transformation of man and his culture, and how social institutions can’t prevent new world wars, civil wars and man’s self-destruction.

00:05:14 Talks about how no serious attempt has been done to scientifically study the highest form of energy love.

00:10:18 Talks about simple experiments and goals he established of the experiments on love.

00:17:59 Talks about how in the studies of love, feelings, and emotions.

00:24:20 Talks about if one wants to be in a friendly relationship with the world, you must start with deeds of kindness.

00:35:42 Talks about comparative longevity of the saints.

00:39:01 Talks about in unselfish love he sees as the real factor in longevity.

00:47:54 Talks about a study of good families.

00:53:58 Talks about how he carries a skeptical attitude in regard to healers of the time.

01:00:06 Talks about how it is high time to learn elementary moral truth. Great empires founded on hate are very short lived.

01:04:34 Questions from the audience.

01:34:28 Audio ends.


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