[Thirkhold- Jones Lecture Series: Three Facts for the Contemporary Christian]

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Dr. Gerald O. McCulloh delivers a lecture at the Interdenominational Theological Seminary. In his lecture he discusses the importance of ITC as a closely watched experiment by the eyes of the theological world. He also describes the three facts associated with contemporary Christian.

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00:00:05 Dr. Gerald O. McCulloh greets the president of ITC and those who are in attendance.

00:02:47 Talks about how it is a high privilege to work in ministerial education, and how he believes it is at the heart of the effectiveness and relevance of the church of the future.

00:03:01 Talks about how the Interdenominational Theological Center is part of an experiment that is part of the emergence of interdenominational education that is being closely watched by all the eyes in the theological education world.

00:09:34 Talks about how the contemporary Christian who is deeply thoughtful about his life and faith must reckon with three facts; the resurgence of interest in theology, understanding the meaning and mission of the church, and the decline in the adherence to long held moral principles.

00:28:18 Talks about assisted grace and sanctifying grace.

00:49:27 Talks about the story of man’s origin in Genesis and James Weldon Johnson’s “God’s Trombone.”

01:04:54 Talks about acting spontaneously and freedom and man’s will and obedience to God.

01:21:32 Talks about the deliverer and the definition of freedom.

01:31:15 Lecture ends.

01:31:35 Unidentified male lead hymn.

01:33:58 Unidentified male gives closing remarks.

01:37:59 Audio ends.


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