[Thirkhold- Jones Lecture Series: The Power to Live in Purity]

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Dr. Gerald O. McCulloh gives a lecture on purity at the Interdenominational Theological Center. In the lecture, he discusses Godly righteousness and true holiness. Dr. McCulloh also describes the church as an instrument for human growth, community, and a place where love is to be experienced.

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00:00:05 Unidentified man introduces Dr. Gerald McCulloh.

00:00:22 Dr. McCulloh greets those in attendance.

00:04:47 Talks about sanctifying grace as the consummation of faith and salvation. Titles it “Arminius the Power to Live in Purity.”

00:15:18 Talks about the life of salvation culminating in Godly righteousness and in true holiness.

00:32:27 Talks about confidence and assurance of being children of God and God’s heirs. Talks about Arminius being acutely aware of men falling from grace.

00:42:00 Talks about how God through the spirit has given the church the instrument of growth in which holy love is to be experienced.

00:50:54 Dr. McCulloh ends lecture and prays.

00:52:12 Unidentified man leads in a hymn.

00:54:40 Audio ends.


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