[The History and Future of Gammon Theological Seminary by Dr. Harry V. Richardson]

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Dr. Harry V. Richardson talks about the important role of women on the campus of Gammon Theological Seminary and introduces Bishop Bowen who delivers a history of the seminary. Dr. John W. Haywood speaks about the pride and vanity of man and the future of Gammon Theological Seminary.

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00:00:06 Dr. Harry V. Richardson talks about women of the campus and the role they play on the campus. Talks about the history of Gammon Theological Seminary.

00:03:56 Introduces Bishop Bowen.

00:04:17 Bishop Bowen talks about being born in Baltimore.

00:18:45 Talks about Fair Hall, Woman’s Home Missionary Society, and sister Flora Mitchell and her missionary trying to marry girls to preachers and favoring Gammon students over Clark students.

00:28:48 Talks about the life of Atlanta and Gammon and Clark life in the country.

00:34:07 Talks about famous burning of Negro (Sam Hose) in Newnan, GA, followed by a riot and lynching of Negros in Palmetto and Fairburn.

00:45:18 Unidentified woman thanks Bishop Bowen for coming.

01:00:25 Dr. Harry V. Richardson makes comments.

01:04:30 Unidentified man talks about drastic changes of the 20th century.

01:04:46 Choir sings.

01:15:37 Dr. John W. Haywood greets the president and those in attendance.

01:26:29 Talks about 75 years that measure the life of Gammon Theological Seminary.

01:37:27 Talks about little Jack Horner complex, and deflating man’s ego.

01:43:56 Talks about Alexander Pope, the essay of man, and the pride and vanity man had taken to himself.

01:53:24 Talks about experience with board of world peace.

01:59:49 Talks about being concerned of not going out and preaching a watered down version of Christianity and a debunked Christ.

02:03:20 Dr. Harry V. Richardson makes remarks and leads in hymn.

02:03:48 Audio ends.


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