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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1965

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Dr. Oswald Bronson introduces an unidentified man who gives the Interdenominational Theological Center commencement address. In his address, he discusses the confusing times of U.S. history. Dr. Bronson also recognizes Bobby Joe Saucer as incoming Dean of the Morehouse School of Religion. Mr. Saucer replaces Rev. Hamilton as Morehouse School of Religion Dean. Finally Dr. Bronson introduces ITC board president Bishop Smith who announces Dr. Bronson’s departure as ITC president. Bishop Smith also announces Dr. Harry V. Richardson as interim president.

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00:00:05 Dr. Oswald Bronson man talks about those laboring in the cause of righteousness.

00:00:30 Unidentified man greets president Bronson of ITC and those in attendance.

00:02:13 Talks about standing in a very confusing time in the history of the world, particularly in the United States.

00:09:04 Talks about the end result of policy to destroy nation credibility.

00:15:55 Talks about dropouts lists of young Blacks in the big city.

00:21:45 Ends commencement address.

00:21:55 Dr. Oswald Bronson recognizes graduating class of Gammon Theological Seminary from 1941.

00:22:53 Recognizes Bobby Joe Saucer who succeeded present Dean of Morehouse School of Religion Rev. Hamilton (served 6 years as Dean of Morehouse School of Religion) .

00:24:01 Bishop Smith (president of the ITC board of trustees) speaks of leadership of presidency of ITC. Announces Oswald Bronson departure as president of ITC. Also announces that Dr. Harry V. Richardson will be the interim president.

00:28:09 Dr. Oswald Bronson talks about the present graduating class being unique as a first woman served as student president.

00:33:39 Two unidentified men in conversation.

01:3438 Audio ends.


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