[Gospel with James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar]

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1965

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Various gospel artists including James Cleveland and Shirley Caesar sing gospel songs.

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00:00:08 Music playing.

00:03:14 Satan We’re Going to Tear Your Kingdom Down.

00:06:21 Soon I Will be Done with the Troubles of this World.

00:15:01 I Want to be Ready.

00:19:54 I’m Going Away Soon.

00:23:05 Psalm 19.

00:27:41 Change.

00:30:35 He May Not Come When You Want Him but He is On Time.

00:33:35 I Want to See Him.

00:36:45 If I Can Just Make it In.

00:39:55 Let Me Hide.

00:42:03 It’s Real.

01:18:44 Somewhere Around Thrown.

01:29:57 I’m Going to Work Till Setting the Sun Till My Work Is Done.

01:32:58 I feel Like Praising Him.

01:35:45 Soul Salvation.

01:37:44 Oh Lord I Want You to Move.

01:40:20 Only What You Do for Christ Will Last.

01:44:00 Choose Ye This Day (Shirley Caesar).

01:48:41 That’s Why I Call Him Mine.

01:51:24 Another Day that the Lord Has kept.

01:55:59 Gather His Children In His Arms.

02:04:47 I’ve Got a Long Way to Go.

02:21:53 Satan We Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down (Shirley Caesar).

02:41:45 I Was Glad When Said Unto Me Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord.

02:44:12 And He Seized My Soul at Last.

02:54:15 I’m Going Through.

02:59:20 Oh Happy Day.

03:0433 Lay Down There Weary One.

03:20:37 When the Stories Are Written (James Cleveland).

03:42:24 Trouble In My Way Jesus Will Fix it After While.

04:49:17 I ask of Thee Thy Favor.

04:55:04 Audio Ends.


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