[Elements of a Sermon by Isaac R. Clark, and On Belief by Howard Thurman]

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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In a class lecture on preaching at Interdenominational Theological Center, homiletics professor Isaac R. Clark discusses the introduction as an element of a sermon. He explains the functional and symbolic meaning of the introduction. Dr. Clark also describes the introduction as being important but not essential to the sermon. Also included is a lecture on belief given by Howard Thurman at the Interdenominational Theological Center.

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00:00:07 Dr. Clark gives pre-lecture discussion and gives appreciation to Mr. Sanders and Mr. Johnson for serving in his class in his absence.

00:03:01 Talks about how every sermon must have a proper name and a clear title that can be recognized by and lived with.

00:06:03 Talks about the significance of the introduction of sermon.

00:11:21 Says most sermons are enhanced by having a sound introduction, and are needed frequently to enhance sermons.

00:38:44 Talks about the definition of what an introduction is - leading listeners into the heart of the sermon.

00:40:27 Talks about functional meaning of the introduction in terms of what it does.

00:46:00 Talks about how the introduction leads to more essential things than itself in the sermon.

00:46:21 Talks about the symbolic meaning of an introduction.

00:57:04 Concludes lecture.

00:57:42 Unidentified men speak of the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington D.C.

01:06:13 Dr. Howard Thurman greets audience and reads Psalm 23:4-6.

01:09:44 Talks about belief and the things that one really and fundamentally stake their life and practice on.

01:21:08 Talks about finding a way in which one can yield the nerve center of one’s consent to God.

01:33:13 Talks about the great tutor being the nervous system. It is where discipline comes in.

01:46:30 Concludes lecture.

01:46:57 Unidentified man asks congregation to stand and say amen. Gives remarks and recognizes Howard Thurman’s wife.

01:52:52 ITC president Dr. Grant S. Shockley makes comments and recognizes Martin Luther King Sr. and Harry V. Richardson both in attendance.

01:53:42 Dr. Harry V. Richardson makes comments and gives the benediction.

02:10:44 Audio ends.


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