[Honoring Ceremony for Dr. Josephus R. Coan, Part 1]

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The Interdenominational Theological Center honors the life and career of Dr. Josephus R. Coan (former dean of Turner Theological Seminary). Remarks are made by ITC president Dr. Oswald Bronson and others.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with music.

00:03:50 Unidentified male greets those in attendance. Starts service with hymn “We are climbing Jacobs later.”

00:06:01 Unidentified male reads scripture (Hebrews 11:1-4; 32).

00:08:42 Prayer.

00:12:01 Unidentified male talks about being more human after being in J.R. Coan’s class.

Recognizes Coan’s work in helping make ITC great.

00:13:45 Dr. Oswald Bronson talks about Coan being a giant in the community. Talks about how he feels about Dr. Coan.

00:16:55 Unidentified male commends Black religious world’s selection of Dr. J.R. Coan and recognizes him. Mentions contributions he has made to ITC through Turner Theological Center.

00:20:30 Unidentified man expresses his thanks to Brother Reynolds for invitation. Recalls his relationship with Dr. Coan.

00:23:45 Unidentified male talks about living laboratory and legend and extends invitation to those who want to participate in the process.

00:33:05 Presents Dr. Josephus R. Coan.

00:33:31 Music and singing.

00:40:00 Dr. Josephus R. Coan recognizes Brother Reynolds and all others in attendance and talks about how he is moved. He says he is glad to be honored.

00:44:16 Introduces his subject “The Spirit of Daniel Alexander Paine.”

00:55:03 Talks about Paine’s first efforts in response to the Divine call.

00:59:30 Audio cuts off.

00:59:33 Unidentified male talks about Thomas Jefferson.

01:13:34 Talks about Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi.

01:26:10 Talks about how most do not love Abraham Lincoln as much as we should.

01:29:17 Audio ends.


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