[A Decisive Birth and The Spirit by Dr. H. E. Fosdick]


H. E. Fosdick

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Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick pastor of Riverside church in New York City delivers sermons on Decisive Births and Ezekiel. In the sermons, he discusses the birth of Jesus and the Spirit entering Ezekiel. References to World War II are also made.

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00:00:08 Dr. H. E. Fosdick prays.

00:07:39 Talks about decisive battles of history.

00:12:37 Talks about how when one centers there attention on the decisive births of the world a mood of expectancy becomes apparent.

00:18:45 Talks about how all great saving ideas are born small like babies.

00:33:34 Talks about truth of what a decisive baby brings into the world.

00:34:41 Talks about how war poverty, slums and social cruelties kill decisive babies.

00:44:11 Talks about how Christmas story represents the very angels in heaven knowing how conclusive the coming of Jesus was.

00:47:25 Sermon ends.

00:47:42 Prayer.

00:55:19 Talks about how twice Ezekiel says the spirit set him on his feet and the Babylonian exile.

01:05:37 Talks about how there are two philosophies of life (Determinism and Free Will). Says that either one by itself is false.

01:06:35 Talks about how heredity and environment have done their utmost to a man there is still room to turn it around.

01:07:53 Talks about how Ezekiel started having sessions with himself. Talks many men blame the world for his calamity when he is responsible for it himself.

01:12:51 Talks about how Ezekiel shifted the center of his life to a place where the difficulties he faced did not unmake him but made him.

01:19:48 Talks about how he is a pacifist and how he wishes some people would stop confusing the word with passive.

01:28:43 Talks about the climax of Ezekiel by saying the Spirit entered into him.

01:33:27 Audio ends.


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