[What is Our Religion Doing and The Best In Us by Dr. H. E. Fosdick]


H. E. Fosdick

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Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, pastor of Riverside church in New York City, delivers sermons on religion and character and the best inside the individual. In the sermons Dr. Emerson discusses what religion is doing to one’s character and the importance of the individuals being themselves.

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00:00:05 Dr. H.E. Fosdick prays

00:08:17 Talks about how he addressed the American college in Beirut, Syria. Talks about Muslim student who thought he was coming to attack his religion

00:10:54 Talks about the question of what our religion is doing to our character. Talks about the harm religion can do and how it can build character

00:16:11 Talks about Oliver Wendell Holmes

00:22:37 Talks about consequences of individuals and in whole generations far from promoting good character can provide trivial substitutes for good character

00:34:12 Talks about the sovereignty of God

00:43:15 Talks about how deplorable consequences in character can come from religion

00:44:15 Ends sermon

00:44:29 Prayer

00:52:02 Talks about how many people wish they could possess themselves with qualities they lack and asks where are these goods to be obtained

00:58:00 Talks about great day in a man’s life when he stops trying to be someone


01:07:08 Talks about asking leading questions about forces and influences that help a man get the best out of himself. Could it be a vital religious faith?

01:16:24 Talks about emotional extremism and sudden conversion. Some people will never change unless they are instantaneous reoriented.

01:22:33 Talks about young woman’s broken hearted story.

01:26:14 Audio Ends.


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