[Sin and Liberal Christianity by Dr. H. E. Fosdick]


H. E. Fosdick

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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1960

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Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, pastor of Riverside church in New York City, delivers a sermon on sin and liberal Christianity. Also unidentified man delivers sermon on the pool of Bethesda. Finally, an unidentified instructor takes questions from students.

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00:00:05 Talks about that fathers sin was a horrid reality and deep seated depravity of human nature that all faced and from which grace of God could save us.

00:00:38 Talks about how liberal Christianity on the whole has been complacent about human nature. Modernism grew up when progress was in the air.

00:07:20 Talks about how a serious view of human nature is the first step to a realistic outlook on life.

00:14:33 Talks about World War II, and how no military victory alone solves any abiding problems in human life. If the churches don’t say who, someone else will.

00:24:42 Talks about not being discouraged about human nature and how New Testament is encouraging.

00:26:36 Talks about how liberal Christianity and some of it alternate forms has often succeeded in reducing religion to a kind of spiritual cosmetic, adding touch of heightened color to a countenance not radically changed.

00:30:52 Ends sermon and prays.

00:30:59 Unidentified man talks about the bible, and placing before the mind the mysterious other called God.

00:39:14 Talks about how behind the concreate evidence of what other people see is the unseen motives. God looks behind the invisible motives.

00:43:31 Ends sermon.

00:43:41 Unidentified man talks about pool in Bethesda having miraculous power.

00:56:23 Ends sermon.

00:56:34 Unidentified man ask question about burden of ministry and the church.

00:57:05 Unidentified instructor answers questions from students.


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