[Christology and the Theology of Karl Barth by Dr. Guthrie]



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Dr. Guthrie gives a lecture on the theology of Karl Barth at the Interdenominational Theological Center. He explains how Christology is central to Barth’s theology. Dr. Guthrie also discusses election and predestination.

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00:00:05 Music and Singing.

00:00:29 Dr. Guthrie greets those in attendance and mentions the inner seminary movement.

00:01:27 Describes how Barth has already written four volumes in his fourth part of Church Dogmatics which deals specifically with the person and works of Christ.

00:06:19 Talks about the external characteristics of Barth’s theology. Gives three major points. Also talks about how Barth didn’t like theology at first but because he was a preacher was forced to become a theologian.

00:12:35 Talks about if theology is a conversation in the church that needs to concentrate on content of faith.

00:17:40 Talks about the implications of Barth’s Christocentric theology and it being a confessional theology.

00:23:52 Talks about third major characteristic that follows from Barth’s Christological presupposition and Trinitarian thinking.

00:32:52 Ends lecture.

00:32:56 Hymn.

00:35:00 Dr. Guthrie talks about how he wants to look at more of the surprises coming from the content of Barth’s theology arising from his Christological presupposition.

00:42:54 Talks about God coming to man and man trying to get to God.

00:49:00 Talks about how theology must move from God’s action to God’s being.

00:53:55 Talks about how theologians from the time of Augustine to Calvin have always made predestination and election has been pretty grim.

01:05:07 Talks in conclusion how a theology based on Jesus Christ will turn out to be a theology not based on rational truth or laws but will always be a theology that has to do with good news.

01:08:34 Audio ends.


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