[The Negro Education and African American Culture]

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The President of Fort Valley state gives a history of the school and Vincent Harding discusses the history of Negro education in America. Dr. Shannon gives a presentation on African American culture at the American Baptist Church Educators Conference.

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00:00:06 Audio begins with applause.

00:00:08 Unidentified man welcomes guests on behalf of the Fort Valley State College and gives history of the college.

00:02:15 Introduces the topic of discussion “The Negro in Education.”

00:07:08 Talks about legacies of religion providing academic incentives for Negros to get education.

00:15:12 Considers facts and statistics concerning the separate but equal system of education in Georgia.

00:21:30 Talks about throughout the south and in other parts of the country dilapidated buildings where Negros attended have been replaced.

00:25:58 Questions and answers.

00:54:01 Vincent Harding talks about reflecting on the theological experience.

01:06:01 Talks about how it is a fact that Negros have been forced to live their lives in gross rebellion (hidden or open against white society) or in a terrible subservience to eat.

01:16:04 Talks about how Negros have been told God is the helper of the helpless but have followed Benjamin Franklin instead.

01:20:56 Audio cuts off.

01:21:39 Margie talks about and introduces Dr. Shannon.

01:22:19 Dr. Shannon thanks Margie and recognizes those on staff and in attendance.

01:24:46 Talks about the neglect of Africans implies an unimportant culture.

01:30:43 Talks about introduction of Negros into slavery and three factors associated with it.

01:39:50 Talks about philosophical justification for slavery as one of the four categories of defenses.

01:48:39 Talks about role of the Negro and the Civil War.

01:58:26 Talks about how the two worlds of race continue to be separated and the Jim Crow period.

02:08:42 Talks about how he is inclined to agree with E. Franklin Frazier about the Negro and culture.

02:10:46 Questions and answers.

02:24:34 Audio ends.


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