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Dr. Isaac Clark gives a lecture on the nature of his class exams. He states his class and exams are to be treated as Holy. Dr. Clark also explains the distinctive questions (discursive and definitional) that will be found on the class exams. He further discusses justification as part of the discursive aspect and the importance of theological consideration in the decision making process of preaching.

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00:00:06 Dr. Clark talks about schedule and exam material.

00:04:47 Talks about giving divine respect and treating holy things in a holy way. If one does not, one faces an eternal judgment.

00:11:54 Talks about those who have been exposed to the holy way of the course.

00:14:30 Talks about AME Zion pastor - his message and how he repeats the same sermon.

00:19:57 Talks about kinds of distinctive questions to be found on exams the discursive and the indicative or definitional.

00:25:00 Talks about how one goes about answering questions in details and why it is important to have detail in preaching.

00:35:56 Talks about words expressing a complete thought is what definitional element of discussional answers would be like.

00:41:48 Talks about elaboration (giving a detailed explanation of what a definition means by implication) as second thing called for in discursively speaking.

00:46:26 Talks about fourth aspect of answering discursive questions namely justification. Calls it the valley of decision.

00:49:02 Talks about with justification one is being called on to decide on the issues. What does one intend to do about an issue and how and why you intend to do it (issue of preaching requires one to make a decision).

00:54:24 Audio cuts off.

00:54:36 Dr. Clark talks about being tired from a lecture at conference.

00:55:41 Talks about the previous days lecture concerning the nature of the holy examinations.

01:04:54 Talks about justification being the most difficult and the most important aspect of a discussional question.

01:08:39 Talks about justification in two significant ways. Communicative depth gives a full account of why you like or don’t like something relating to an issue. Secondly theological depth is being aware of and accepting or rejecting an issue on the basis of divine theological value judgments rather than what a crowd wants and thinks.

01:18:52 Talks about a leader being born in the justification aspect of decisions because he is aware that he must take people into consideration in making value judgments. He recognizes his ministry includes a sociological consideration for practical reasons, and acutely recognizes that his ministry is under God and not under men.

01:26:25 Talks about a Vietnam conflict inside one’s own being. An internal civil war that we cannot win and can’t get out of.

01:32:06 Talks about a theological meaning of preaching.

01:38:13 Talks about preaching and the need for a clarified definition, and what is meant by preaching.

01:54:41 Audio ends.


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