[The Minister, the Public School Crisis, and the Louisville Desegregation Program]

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Dr. Carmichael and Mr. McGill give presentations on the minster and the public school crisis. Dr. Carmichael discusses the program of desegregation in Louisville while Mr. McGill talks about the past and the hope of the future in education.

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00:00:09 Dr. Carmichael greets chairman and friends and explains his presentation.

00:01:12 Talks about how he will begin with general principles and the experience he had in preparing for and moving into the program of desegregation.

00:01:54 Talks about the principle of the court placing responsibility on local boards of education.

00:04:55 Talks about working from general principles and conditions in Louisville.

00:11:12 Talks about parent teacher associations and their meetings. Recommended one meeting concerned with desegregation.

00:18:47 Talks about the Louisville desegregation plan.

00:36:54 Talks about how some things are misunderstood by the masses of people often deliberately fostered by selfish political leaders. They think if they delay desegregation then court decision will go away.

00:45:25 Closes formal presentation.

00:45:42 Takes questions from the audience.

00:56:34 Mr. McGill thanks those in attendance and talks about how he comes to them with concern and talks how he does not have the answers.

01:04:04 Talks about in at least four states people are in a strait jacket. Each are a part of the past home life religious life and what they have met with.

01:14:21 Talks about those who live in situation there is no need to curse the past and face the future with lack of hope.

01:26:36 Talks about bill reflecting complexity of American education problem.

01:35:09 Concludes presentation.

01:35:36 Unidentified man talks about having a few minutes to asks questions.

01:36:00 Questions from audience.

01:53:21 Audio ends.


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