[Speech to Gammon Theological Seminary Seniors]

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Ralph Emerson McGill gives presentation to senior class of Gammon Theological Seminary. In his lecture he discusses ancient man’s concept of God. He also talks about the growth of cities and wishes the graduating class success in their careers lives.

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00:00:04 Audio begins with organ music.

00:04:51 Unidentified man reads and prays.

00:06:03 Choir sings.

00:08:50 Unidentified man reads scripture.

00:12:39 Choir sings.

00:13:54 Unidentified man introduces Ralph Emerson McGill (editor of the Atlanta Constitution). Thanks McGill for coming on behalf of senior class.

00:15:32 Choir sings.

00:16:30 Unidentified man reads.

00:18:22 Choir sings.

00:20:10 Ralph Emerson McGill greets all in attendance.

00:21:54 Talks about how it interests him that as far back as one can go when history and mythology are intermingled seems to him that the mind of pagan man is groping toward some concept of God. Pagan man thought there must be something behind nature.

00:31:08 Talks about how the process of growing proliferating cities into suburbs will continue.

00:40:50 Talks about other Ten Commandments and ancient laws and how they have been translated into new laws.

00:50:24 Wishes each member of the graduating class a very fine career and life and ends presentation.

00:50:50 Choir sings.

00:57:34 Audio breaks.

00:57:45 Unidentified man talks about being sick of everybody and everything as the hallmark of fatigue and frustration of the day.

00:58:09 Unidentified man introduces the Methodist series of the Protestant Hour.

00:58:20 Choir sings.

01:00:13 Unidentified man reads scripture from Mark chapter 10.

01:00:36 Audio resumes with unidentified man talking about hearing hymn like cords.

01:09:05 Talks about the criticism of Roman Catholic priests and sacrifice.

01:16:05 Talks about India Methodism in 1956.

01:23:29 Talks about his hopes for setting ministry to music ends and prays.

01:24:09 Unidentified man lead in hymn.

01:24:33 Audio ends.


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