[The Church Confronts the Modern World and a Minster’s Manifesto]

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Dr. Harry V. Richardson president of the Interdenominational Theological Center introduces Dr. Ellison who delivers a lecture on the church and the modern world. In the lecture, he discusses shifting values in a changing society and their causes. He also identifies five common assumptions that characterize the times including moral relativism. Dr. Herman L. Turner, Dr. Harrison McMains, Dr. Harry Fyfield, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick and Dr. Robert E. Lee explain and describe their association with Atlanta’s minster manifesto.

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00:00:07 Dr. Harry V. Richardson talks about Dr. Ellison speaking about the task of preaching. He also introduces Dr. Ellison and his subject “The Church Confronts the Modern World”.

00:00:48 Dr. Ellison greets Dr. Richardson and those in attendance.

00:01:38 Talks about the realization of the rapidly changing world and the great need for moral anchorage.

00:01:59 Talks about how the ethical bewilderment and moral chaos of the day are due to the shifting values caused by a changing society.

00:03:20 Talks about two World Wars as cause of shifting values.

00:09:49 Points out five common assumptions that characterize the times.

00:10:19 Talks about expediency or pragmatic sanction as fundamental of man for action as one common assumption.

00:11:12 Talks about relativism as a common assumption and how absolute truths are not taking seriously.

00:21:39 Talks about sex consciousness and when moral and religion become politically or commercially motivated for economic expediency then they weaken and lose their force.

00:24:11 Talks about the role of the role of the church in the moral climate.

00:35:45 Closes with story of Jesus.

00:38:42 Ends presentation.

00:38:57 Unidentified man describes witness testifying in court of public inquiry. The subject is The Second Minsters Manifesto.

00:39:52 Dr. Herman L. Turner (Pastor of Atlanta’s Covenant Presbyterian Church) explains the reason for religious manifesto and the six principles set forth by religious leaders of Atlanta.

00:44:46 Dr. Harrison McMains (Executive Secretary of the Atlanta Christian Council) explains his process in deciding to sign Atlanta manifesto.

00:56:23 Dr. Harry Fyfield (Minster of the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta) gives court interpretation of manifesto. Talks about schools closing around the south.

01:05:40 Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick (Minister of St. Mark Methodist Church) talks about curing the race problem in Georgia and free expression of opinion to solve problems.

01:10:44 Dr. Robert E. Lee (Pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer) talks about America being at an important crossroads.

01:17:30 Audio ends.


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