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Isaac R. Clark Memorial Collection

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circa 1965

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An unidentified female delivers a sermon form Galatians 2:15-21. She titles the sermon “Justifying Our Role with Christ.” In the sermon, she explains the importance of Christians hearing the problems of others. Additionally, Joseph Reed gives a sermon titled “The Pastor as Liberating Communicator”. In his presentation he explains the importance of cooperatives and the importance of the pastor in sparking them.

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00:00:04 Audio begins with singing.

00:00:28 Unidentified woman prays.

00:00:43 Introduces scriptural text Galatians 2:15-21.

00:03:51 Introduces subject “Justifying Our Role with Christ”.

00:05:07 Talks about how many Christians are involved in helping overcome folly.

00:14:27 Talks about the reason why one must hear the problems that others bring.

00:18:32 Talks about the few examples of how one can take responsible actions to alleviate the difficulties of others.

00:20:21 Ends sermon.

00:20:43 Joseph Reed greets class and introduces himself and the topic of discussion “The Pastor as Liberating Communicator: In Light of the Particular Instrument the Pastor Can Use to Translate Reflection plus Action into Praxis”.

00:25:03 Talks about how reflection without action equals verbalism.

00:32:50 Talks about the 1960’s and 70’s as times of large public awareness of extreme poverty and discrimination in the nation and how the federal government responded with numerous programs.

00:42:22 Talks about kinds of cooperatives, including farmers.

00:48:35 Talks about how the first step in the development of the cooperative is to start the spark, with the pastor as liberating communicator as the spark.

01:07:21 Talks about what kind of facilities are needed for cooperative and how not to make cooperative a part of the church.

01:13:39 Talks about operation costs and capitalization as a part of the worker to survey committee.

01:21:31 Talks about the responsibilities of the organizing committee.

01:25:53 Audio ends.


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