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President of the Interdenominational Theological Center Dr. Harry V. Richardson speaks from the subject “Shoot the Stars.” He explains the power of grace to help the minster to get back on course of his or her great aims. Also Dr. Isaac R. Clark and Ralph Williamson host a broadcast of the Interdenominational Theological Center’s “Religion in the News”.

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00:00:04 Audio starts with Dr. Harry V. Richardson speaking about his airplane experience and shooting the stars, and how compass readings can be thrown off getting thrown off course.

00:02:28 Talks about parable of the new year and knowing what it is like to get off course of one’s great ideals and great aims.

00:08:05 Talks about the bright thing in a dark night man’s sister.

00:14:23 Talks about illustrations in the bible how the power of grace comes to overcome fears.

00:17:53 Talks about how the New Year comes at a good time right in the middle of the school year when one finds themselves getting off course.

00:18:41 Concludes sermon and prays.

00:20:03 Music plays choir sings.

00:23:52 Ralph Williamson and Dr. Isaac R. Clark introduce audience to Interdenominational Theological Center radio broadcast “Religion in the News”.

00:25:42 Talks about Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy of operation breadbasket targeting department stores.

00:29:40 Talks about far reaching changes in racial policies in South Africa.

00:32:42 Talks about Russia stat pension system.

00:33:07 Talks about how evangelist Billy Graham is receiving large amounts of mail in his Minneapolis headquarters from the troubled city of Birmingham.

00:37:13 Ends by saying good day until next Sunday.

00:37:21 Audio ends.


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