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James Robinson

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James Robinson lectures on the topic: “Word and Bread.” In the lecture he describes Jesus as bread and as having words of eternal life. He further discusses Martin Luther King Jr. and the role of leadership and decision making. Mr. Robinson further discusses Bultmann and the New Hermeneutic and the role of church history.

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00:00:04 James Robinson gives the Lord’s prayer and topic of sermon “Word and Bread”.

00:01:43 Reads from Romans 14:6.

00:03:11 Reads 1st Corinthians 10.

00:03:50 Reads John 6, bread of life meditation.

00:05:02 Talks about down to earth concrete food and and the shift from Jesus as the bread of life to saying Jesus is the one having the words to eternal life.

00:09:08 Talks about how one of the problems Jesus had is that he kept falling in the clutches of churchmen and professional religious leaders and the constant danger of professional leaders.

00:16:38 Talks about we are able to go out to the world around us.

00:21:31 Talks about being involved in great decision making and Martin Luther King Jr. leading the people of God and taking full responsibility for the people. Talks about on the spot decision and the trust of the people of God for the leader to get the job done and naming the will of God in situations.

00:23:50 Talks about the model of a sermon and understanding preaching.

00:24:20 Prays.

00:30:40 Talks about demythologizing and Bultmann saying early church attributed messianic titles to Jesus.

00:37:58 Talks about Q and Thomas and the word of Jesus.

00:50:44 Talks about the focus of the Jewish relation to reality.

00:53:07 Talks about the kerygmatic theology of Bultmann and theology of the word of God of Barth (both of them anti historical Jesus) should open up to the grounding of the word of reconciliation.

00:55:02 Takes questions from the audience.

01:11:52 James Robinson greets President Richardson and former colleagues and all those in attendance and introduces goal of his presentation.

01:14:51 Talks about reorientation of theological education serving as grounds for new research.

01:16:28 Talks about Old Testament Scholarship and how it is involved in interpreting tradition.

01:24:37 Talks about how most schools that have any scholarly aspirations have gone to Europe for their New Testament.

01:32:05 Talks about Church history and questions how church history is distinct from history.

01:40:41 Talks about how religion and culture is also a problem, its necessities and its dangers can best be understood in hermeneutical categories.

01:41:07 Talks of the dangers in translating the Gospel into culture by putting a stamp of approval on anything the culture does, and preaching things that are not options at all.

01:55:08 Audio ends.


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