The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) was chartered in 1958, bringing together four denominational seminaries: Morehouse School of Religion (now Baptist School of Theology), Gammon Theological Seminary, Turner Theological Seminary, and Phillips School of Theology. Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary, Charles H. Mason Theological Seminary, and Absalom Jones Theological Institute (now closed) later joined the consortium.

The Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Recordings Collection contains 61 recordings spanning the years 1943 to 1969. The bulk of the recordings capture sermons and presentations given to ITC students during the 1960s. Among the speakers are prominent ITC faculty and staff, including Harry V. Richardson and Charles Copher; clergy from other religious institutions, including Rabbi Jacob Rothschild and Bishop Edgar Amos Love; as well as students and other visiting dignitaries. Topics covered include preaching, church administration, Christian history, and theology.For more information about the collection as a whole, please visit the Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Visual Collection

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Recordings from 1969

Church and Violence, Oswald P. Bronson and Richard G. Hatcher

Church and Violence, J. Edward Carothers, F. D. Jordan, and J. J. Egan

Church and Violence, Group Discussion of Morning Session, Joseph C. Hough and J. Oscar McCloud

Church and Violence, Discussion, Joseph A. Johnson, L. Harold DeWolf, and Harvey Seifert

Church and Violence, Continuous Discussion, Harry V. Richardson and Wayne Johnson

Church and Violence, George Webber, Ronald English, Hazaiah Williams, James Cone, and Coleman

Recordings from 1966

The Ministry of Crisis, Harry V. Richardson

Recordings from 1965

"Theology and the Contemporary Sensibility," America and the Future of Theology Lecture, Thomas J.J. Altizer, Rabbi Richard L. Rubenstein, and Charles H. Long

God Will Take Care, Ernest Ammon

"Remove No Landmarks," Sermon, Ernest Ammon

"Running the Race," Sermon, Ernest Ammon

Vacation Bible Study, Clarice Campbell and Unidentified Speakers

The New Metaphysics and Theology, America and the Future of Theology Lecture, William Christian, Shirley Guthrie, and Stanley R. Hopper

[Student's Mini-Sermons], Lloyd Dees

A Great Time to be Alive" and "Why is God Silent While Evil Rages?, Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Theology and Language," America and the Future of Theology Lecture, Jules Moreau and Joseph A. Johnson

Founder's Day Address, E. P. Murchison

Social Science and Theology, America and the Future of Theology Lecture, Talcott Parsons, Walter Harrelson, and Oliver R. Whitley

"Restoring Souls in a Shaken Society," Address, First Honor's Day Service, Jacob Rothschild

First Commencement As President, Emory R. Searcy Sr.

Call to Worship Series Broadcast (pt.3), J. B. Secondry

"Public Responsibility of Theology," America and the Future of Theology, Roger L. Shinn, Father Bernardin Patterson, and Creighton Lacy

Tippah Methodism, Lawrence Smith

Property of ITC, Beckwith St. Atlanta, Ga, Tailout, Unidentified Speakers

Recordings from 1964

"Let Love Abound," Sermon, Ernest Ammon

"Keep Lord's Day Holy," and "Spiritual Beginnings," Sermon, WKIF, Unidentified

Recordings from 1963

The Needs and Purpose of Wise Planning, H. C. Bass

"The Needs and Purpose of Wise Planning," Discussion, Church Building Institute (L-87a), H. C. Bass

"We Look to the Future," Discussion, Church Building Institute, H. C. Bass

Christology of Paul Pt. II, Günther Bornkamm

"Christology of Paul," Sermon (part 1), Günther Bornkamm

"Question Period," Sermon, Günther Bornkamm

State Evangelistic Conference, Missionary to Brazil, William Clinton

"Dean's Hour," Sermon, Charles Copher

Interseminary Meeting, Jerry Furrs and Duncan Grey

"How Great Thou Art, and Singing In Heaven," Music/Sermon, Earl Gain

The Seminary, the Ordained Ministry and People, H. L. Harris

"Preacher and the Message," Sermon, Jones Lectures, Gerald Ray Jordan

The Messiah, Gerald Ray Jordan

Russian Visitors in ITC Chapel, Bishop Nikolai and Archimandrite Pitirni

Commencement System, H. Thomas Primm

My Religious Experience, How Can You Make God Real, Harry V. Richardson

"The Grace to Choose," Convocation Sermon, Harry V. Richardson

Family, Leon Smith

[Untitled], Unidentified Speaker

The Silence of God (part II), Helmut Theilicke

"The Silence of God," Sermon, Helmut Theilicke

Recordings from 1962

How to Hear the Word of God Through the Bible, Henry Bullock

"The Church in the Changing World", Willis Jefferson King

Theta Phi Induction, Sermon, ITC Chapel, Dow Kirkpatrick

"The Challenge of the Difficult," Sermon, ITC Chapel, Edgar Amos Love

"Preparation for the Ministry", Harry V. Richardson

The Glory and Tragedy of Christmas, Harry V. Richardson

Will There Be An Easter For Me?, Harry V. Richardson

[Preparation for the Ministry Remarks], Unidentified Speakers

Recordings from 1961

Title Unknown (Hilda Ives Chapel Sermon), Hilda Ives

Recordings from 1960

Dr. Henry Crane Sermons from Religious Emphasis Week, D. H. Crane

Title Unknown (H. Crane), Henry H. Crane

Report on Russia, William A. Shields

Recordings from 1954

Christmas Chapel, Sermon, Harry V. Richardson

Recordings from 1943

Scripture Readings, Unidentified Speakers