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Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Visual Collection

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This audio recording consists of parts of four different sermons on various occasions. The first sermon is by Dr. Harry Van Buren Richardson. Dr. Richardson (1901-1990), was the founder and first President of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Richardson received a bachelor's degree in history from Western Reserve University (1925), and a Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree from the Harvard University Divinity School (1932), and a doctorate from Drew University Theological Seminary (1945). In the first sermon, Dr. Richardson speaks to students preparing for matriculation into the Interdenominational Theological Center. He references the tenth chapter of the Biblical book of John and emphasizes that “God loves man and works among man through man.” He goes on to inform the students on the key characteristics they should possess or strive to obtain in order to become successful ministers and church heads. Dr. Richardson tells the students that in order to become a successful minister one must be technically trained in institutional management and have a working acquaintance with deity. He or she must be learn to walk and talk with the Lord and understand that anyone can preach a decent sermon. It is about whether or not the light of Christ radiates from you because spiritual qualities are caught rather than taught. The second part of the recording is a short excerpt from an unidentified speaker. This speaker talks about grace and the how valuable grace is in our lives as Christians. He states that “grace is insidious.” It can come from both above and below. He goes on to say that we have to learn to be open to all surprises of grace whether we understand them or not. The sermon cuts out and the audio breaks back in with a pianist playing Away in a Manger followed by Dr. H.V. Richardson leading the congregation into a Christmas hymn before giving his Christmas sermon. Dr. Richardson begins his sermon by referencing the second chapter of the Biblical book of Luke. He states that Christmas is a medley of myth and reality. He goes on to discuss that “the point of it all is to bring about brotherly love.” At the end of the audio recording, a second unidentified speaker delivers the fourth sermon on the tape. He only speaks for approximately five minutes, but his message talks about the importance of dreams. He states that dreams are gifts from God and that God uses them to speak to his people. The audio concludes with the speaker referencing Joseph, son of the Biblical patriarch Jacob, and his many dreams.


Buzzing sound; inaudible until 01:42; multiple different speakers and sermons.


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