"Christology of Paul," Sermon (part 1)

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Dr. Günther Bornkamm (1905-1990) was a German pastor, New Testament scholar, and professor at the University of Heidelberg. Under the regime of Adolf Hitler, he opposed the nazification of the Protestant churches. In this lecture about the Christology of Paul, Dr. Bornkamm begins by explaining that Paul’s statements concerning Christ are scattered among his letters which makes it difficult for scholars to study this topic. He uses the Biblical books of Philippians, 1 Corinthians, and Romans as major points of Christology in Paul’s epistles. He goes on to discuss the different styles and traditions of New Testament creeds. The audio recording ends with him defining and describing the origin of some of the different titles given to Christ throughout books in the New Testament such as “Son of David” and “Son of God.”


Low audio levels at the beginning; ends abruptly.


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