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Henry H. Crane

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Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Visual Collection

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This audio recording is split into two different lectures by Henry Crane. Crane (1890-1977) attended Wesleyan University, Boston University School of Theology, and Harvard University. Crane pastored several churches in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. He retired from pastoral ministry in 1958 and traveled the country speaking for the remainder of his life. In the first lecture, Crane discusses the problem of self. According to Crane, there are “5 C’s” that are essential for us to win the fight within ourselves. He says we must confront ourselves, consider ourselves, choose ourselves, control ourselves, and lastly, and most importantly, consecrate ourselves. He describes each one in detail with explanations on how to successful perform each “C.” In the second lecture, Crane discusses the topics of marriage and sex with the students. He states that there are five basic key principles to a successful marriage which he discusses in detail. He then discusses sex and the two harmful extremes: the extreme of liberty and the extreme of excessive restraint. He closes his lecture by saying the whole problem of sex is solved by idealization-understanding that God has given us capacities and abiding by them so that they are blessed.


Two separate sermons on the same reel.


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