Dr. Henry Crane Sermons from Religious Emphasis Week

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This audio recording contains two lectures delivered by Dr. Henry Crane during Religious Emphasis Week. In the first sermon, delivered on March 1, 1960, Dr. Henry Crane questions whether Christianity has a solution to “the destruction of mankind” and provides his answer. He continues by discussing the Christian’s idea of goodness being that of Jesus Christ, but within this idea there is a hypocrisy and doubt. This leads to him describing two tragic lies the modern world is betting its existence upon. In the second sermon, delivered on March 2, 1960, Dr. Crane discusses: the problems of African American segregation, principles of race stated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), names psychological conditions “the white race” is suffering from, Lillian Smith, and his own perspective of segregation in both the Northern and the Southern United States of America.


Audio glitch at 8:45; sound quality is bad at 1:00:44; audio cuts out at 1:19:01.


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