The Needs and Purpose of Wise Planning


H. C. Bass

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Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Visual Collection

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This audio recording contains a discussion led by Mr. H.C. Bass on March 21, 1963. Mr. Bass discusses the importance and the steps involved in the planning of a church. He emphasizes the importance of the location of the church and the research that goes into finding the best location The steps Mr. Bass deems necessary for the success of a church are finding the right location, accounting for a sufficient amount of property, creating a secure committee, accounting for the future of the church, writing out the plan at the beginning, finding a good architect, and having a complete financial policy in place. He also discusses how urban renewal has been a catalyst in the moving of people. He also provides specific examples of churches and locations who relate to the topic of building churches. These examples include, Fairbanks, Alaska, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mt. Zion Baptist church (Atlanta, GA), and Spruce Street Baptist Church (Nashville, Tennessee).


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