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This audio recording contains a discussion led by Reverend Jerry Furrs and Reverend Duncan Grey. The purpose of the meeting held on April 17, 1963 was to discuss the direction of the church and the improvements that can be made to the church. Both Reverend Jerry Furrs and Reverend Duncan Grey are asked to answer the question, “What is the role of a minister in the south?” Reverend Jerry Furrs from Mississippi discusses the purpose, process, and result of the statement signed by twenty-eight Methodist men in response to the issues of discrimination in the South. This statement is known as the Born of Conviction Statement. According to Furrs, the role of a minister in the South is to help share God’s point of view when it comes to everyday life. Reverend Duncan Grey also discusses the role of a minister, saying it is an idea he has not found a definite answer to, but he does think that the minister should “speak on judgment the best he can and the best he sees it.” Reverend Grey also speaks about the burden of guilt of which the white man is unconscious.


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