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circa 1965


Interdenominational Theological Center Audio Visual Collection

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This undated audio recording contains four parts, respectively: commentary on an automobile race, children singing, call to Christ pledges, and a student introduction. Most of the speakers are unidentified. The first portion of the recording contains the automobile racing commentary and details of the race. The second portion of the audio recording contains children singing “America, the Beautiful”, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, among other songs. The third portion of the recording contains “call to Christ” pledges and the reading of Matthew 28:18-20. The fourth portion is a recording of Clarice Campbell, a high school student, introducing herself.


The audio begins squealing at 00:00:54. The audio is very distorted at 00:01:48. A sermon cuts into the car race audio at 00:05:53. The audio sound distorted at 00:12:55. The audio is distorted at 00:31:30.


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