Social Science and Theology, America and the Future of Theology Lecture

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This audio recording contains a lecture led by Dr. Talcott Parsons, Dr. Walter Harrelson, and Dr. Oliver R. Whitley on November 19, 1965 as a part of the America and the Future of Theology Lecture Series. Dr. Parsons begins by asserting his opinion on the relationship of social science and theology. Dr. Harrelson critiques Dr. Parsons argument by asserting that (1) as social sciences have developed they have been a great influence upon the discipline of theology and (2) the discipline of theology has been able to understand appropriate elements of its own heritage in scripture and tradition. Dr. Whitley also responds to the lecture by asking several questions about the relationship between theology and the social sciences. Lastly, Dr. Parson responds to the arguments and answers the questions presented by Dr. Harrelson and Dr. Whitley.


The audio sounds weird and switches to the next speaker at 00:55:28.


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