"Preparation for the Ministry"

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Dr. Harry V. Richardson (1901-1990) was the founder and first President of the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Richardson received a bachelor’s degree in history from Western Reserve University (1925), and a Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree from the Harvard University Divinity School (1932), and a doctorate from Drew University Theological Seminary (1945). In this sermon, Dr. Richardson discusses preparation for the call of ministry. He references the Biblical book of Second Timothy as his text. He addresses the question, "Is ministry a science or an art?" as a basis for the remainder of the sermon. He says the key to a successful church is identifying what the people need and allowing your ministry to be the place that holds the answer to that need. He ends the sermon by reminding the students that the main thing that is necessary to prepare for the call of ministry is prayer.