Church and Violence, Continuous Discussion

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This audio recording contains two parts. The first part of the audio recording contains a discussion on church and violence led by Dr. Harry Richardson and Reverend Wayne Johnson on March 14, 1969, and a sermon delivered at convocation. This discussion is a continued portion of multiple discussions about church and violence. The participants are welcomed to share thoughts about the conference and the topic in general. An ITC student makes a statement about three different forms of violence that affect African Americans: 1) economic, 2) law and order, 3) political. Another speaker begins and reads a statement that addresses violence in relation to church action. He also speaks about the inaction of churches and what churches should be doing. The speaker then moves to adopt the statements. Dr. Richardson discusses violence and his experiences from other conferences. He uses this time to encourage participants to critique the conference and gives special thanks. The second part of the audio recording contains a sermon delivered at convocation. The speaker discusses public welfare, the community, recreation, and justice in relation to Christians.


The audio cuts off at 00:04:37 and cuts back on at 00:04:49.


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