Christian Theology And AfroCultures: Toward An Afrikan Centered Hermeneutic

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The block buster movie Black Panther turns long-held worldviews upside down in an hour and thirty-four minutes. It takes the ugly, messy, morally and destructive story of Afrikan experience in the “white” world and posits a counter-narrative that simultaneously deconstructs the carefully constructed and derogatory image of Africa and Africans and constructs a hope-filled eschatological vision borne on the wings of African ancestral legacy. This article argues for the need of an Afrikan-centered Christian hermeneutic born of a reconsideration of the religio-cultural and social antecedents of both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament as well as the development of a prophetic vision that sees in Wakanda an image of the Reigndom of God where Afrikans walk in the fullness of their humanity for the benefit of all people.


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