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This poster provides insight into the major shift from library technician to reference librarian by examining the differences and similarities in each position, the factors influencing the decision to change careers and the experiences encountered by new librarians. What should a staff member consider when considering the leap to professional librarian? How can one prepare for the challenges and what can libraries do to support the transition? Some library assistants may work closely with librarians and, therefore, have a better understanding of the differing roles and responsibilities. The decision to become a librarian is a significant one, because of the large and costly commitment to obtaining a graduate degree. It is vital that library technicians, considering a professional change, have a realistic understanding of the work expectations they will encounter as librarians. The author of this poster provides firsthand experience, having first worked five years as a library technician and now two years as a librarian. Inspired by his desire to make a greater contribution to the intellectual growth of students and his interest in providing information literacy instruction, he earned his Masters of Library Science while working full-time.



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