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Academic librarians are constantly in search of ways to draw faculty into a more involved relationship with the library. Robert W. Woodruff Library, AUC (RWWL, AUC) librarians are no different in this regard. Many a casual and formal setting has been devoted to this effort. The link is obvious. If we can get the faculty interested in and integrated with the library we will in turn get their students interested and integrated with the library. The stumbling block, as often as not, is a matter of priorities. Faculty have all matter of commitments pulling at them. Committee attendance, assignment grading, classroom time, professional development, and research are only a few of their pressing concerns. How to make a library event rise to the top of that ever growing list is akin to the search for the Holy Grail. This paper will discuss RWWL, AUC’s own search for that Holy Grail and our successful outcome.


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