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Information & Research Services Unit, Digital Services Department


To expand skills and increase work efficiency, staff at the Atlanta University Center (AUC) Robert W. Woodruff Library formed an interdepartmental learning group for computer coding. Knowing how to code is beneficial to librarians who edit LibGuides, library websites, online courses, or who work with large data sets or repetitive tasks. The Coding Interest Group at Woodruff Library aims to enhance learning and maintain motivation through peer mentorship and shared experience. The group was formed by identifying librarians interested in coding, choosing a regular meeting time, selecting a language to learn, adopting a group textbook, utilizing online learning tools, and identifying library projects where coding knowledge can be applied. The group has experienced successes both in skill building and in interdepartmental communication and collaboration.


Pre-print of an article appearing in the July-September 2016 issue of Public Services Quarterly.




Public Services Quarterly



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