These recordings document sermons, lectures, and discussions about Christianity and other religions, along with African traditions and the Black church.

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Submissions from 1979

[Bridge Type Preaching], Henry Mitchell and Billy Graham

Submissions from 1977

[Preaching as Pastoral Care, 1 of 2], Henry Mitchell

[Preaching as Pastoral Care, 2 of 2], Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1975

[The Black Woman: Reality and the Myth], Ella Mitchell

[MLK Jr. Conference Discussion], Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1974

[Yoruba Religion], Wándé Abímbọ́lá and Afolabi Olabimtan

[Dissertation Conference], Thelma Adair

[Christianity and Voodoo in Haiti], Rodger Desir and Henry Mitchell

[Dr. J.E. Jones on the Call to Preach and J. Vernon McGee on Moses], J. E. Jones and J. Vernon McGee

[Summer Chapel Services], William Augustus Jones

[Religious Journey to Jamaica], Kapo

[Jamaican Music], Olive Lewin

[Summer Chapel Services], Masse, Henry Mitchell, Julia Simpson, and Charles Hamilton

[Religion in Jamaica], Rex Nettleford

[Cults in Jamaica], Edward Seaga and Olive Lewin

Submissions from 1973

[Aretha Franklin and Sermon: Demons, History, and Christ], Harold Carter and Aretha Franklin

[The Black Church and a Ministers Responsibility], Vincent Harding

[Climax in Black Preaching], Henry Mitchell

[Preaching as a Meaningful Experience], Henry Mitchell

[Preaching as Rooted in Folk Culture], Henry Mitchell

[The Unleveled Lot Called Life, Communication in Race Relations], Henry Mitchell

[Acceptance Speech in Liberia and Sermon on MLK Jr.], Henry Mitchell, Thelma Adair, Ellen Sandamini, and William Augustus Jones

[Pentecostal History], Henry Mitchell, Willie Ella Asberry, E. P. Mitchell, and Jack Catherill

Submissions from 1972

[The African Slave Trade and Slave Castles]

[W.E.B. DuBois Autobiography, part 1]

[W.E.B. DuBois Autobiography, part 2]

[Education and Ministry in the Black Church], Thelma Adair and Mason

[Negritude and Black Identity], Ausah

[African Religion, Culture, and Social Change], Erico Ayisi and Kofi A. Opoku

[Conversation with Henry Mitchell and Bishop Barrow], Bishop Barrow and Henry Mitchell

[Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade], Kofi Darkwah and Henry Mitchell

[Lecture on Ethiopianism], Kofi Darkwah and Henry Mitchell

[MLK Fellows Worship Service In Ghana], James Forbes

[Contemporary Yoruba Literature], Abiola Irele

[African Worldview Retention], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Culture in America and African Traditions], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Studies: The Black Soul], Henry Mitchell

[Freedom and Authority in Black Culture], Henry Mitchell

[Sermon: Building Bridges], Henry Mitchell

[The African American Continuum of Worldview], Henry Mitchell

[The Black Family: Cultural and Medical Perspective], Henry Mitchell

[The Effectiveness of Preaching in Black Culture], Henry Mitchell

[Witnessing to the Peculiar], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Ministry Curriculum], Henry Mitchell and Thelma Adair

[Oral Traditions and Modern Literature in Ghana], Henry Mitchell and Jawa Apronti

[Islam in Ghana], Henry Mitchell and T. Mustapha

[Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Black Preaching], Henry Mitchell and Nichols

[Book Discussion About African Religion], Henry Mitchell and Russell

[African Divinities: Lesser gods in Traditional African Religion], Kofi Opoku

[Christianity and Spiritual Churches in Africa], Kofi Opoku

[The Role of Ancestors in African Worship Traditions], Kofi Opoku

[Traditional African Religion and Culture], Kofi Opoku

African Religious Traditions], Kofi Opoku and Henry H. Mitchell

[Art and Social Organization], A. K. Quarcoo

[Christianity in Traditional African Religions], Peter Sarpong

[Sango: God of Thunder and Lightning], Schuma and Henry Mitchell

[Interview with Rev. W.C. Trotter about Grandmother who was Angolian slave], W. C. Trotter and Henry Mitchell

[Critique of Black Belief (book) by Dr. Henry Mitchell], Albert C. Williams and Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1971

[Black Baptist Churches]

[Yoruba Culture]

[Sowande Lecture], Sowande

Submissions from 1970

[Education and Tradition in Africa]

[Commentary on the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.], Henry Mitchell

[The Role of the Black Preacher: The Ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.], Henry Mitchell

[Towards a Black Evangelism, Part Two], Henry H. Mitchell

[Towards a Black Evangelism, Part One], Henry H. Mitchell, Ella Mitchell, and Charles H. Long

[African Religious History], Kofi Opoku

[African Sects], Kofi Opoku

[Christianity in Africa], Kofi Opoku

[Traditional African Family and Religion], Kofi Opoku

[Interview of Reverend W.L. Rangel], W. L. Rangel