When Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in April of 1968, the Black theological students at Colgate Rochester Divinity School requested a program and professorship in Black Church Studies as a memorial to what King represented as a pastor and leader of the Black Church. After a forced close-down of the school by the Black students and a series of fundraising efforts, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Professorship in Black Church Studies was established. This position was filled by Henry H. Mitchell (clergyman, educator, author and at that time pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, Santa Monica, CA) on July 1, 1969 and the program of Black Church Studies at CRDS/BH/CTS was launched in September 1969. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellows project began as the result of an idea given to Dr. Mitchell for a research and writing project for the purpose of developing literature, curriculum, and bibliographical materials in the area of Black Church practice. These recordings document sermons, lectures, and discussions about Christianity and other religions, along with African traditions and the Black church.


Submissions from 2017

[Preaching as a Meaningful Experience], Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1979

[Bridge Type Preaching], Henry Mitchell and Billy Graham

Submissions from 1977

[Preaching as Pastoral Care, 1 of 2], Henry Mitchell

[Preaching as Pastoral Care, 2 of 2], Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1975

[The Black Woman: Reality and the Myth], Ella Mitchell

[MLK Jr. Conference Discussion], Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1974

[Yoruba Religion], Wándé Abímbọ́lá and Afolabi Olabimtan

[Dissertation Conference], Thelma Adair

[Christianity and Voodoo in Haiti], Rodger Desir and Henry Mitchell

[Dr. J.E. Jones on the Call to Preach and J. Vernon McGee on Moses], J. E. Jones and J. Vernon McGee

[Summer Chapel Services], William Augustus Jones

[Religious Journey to Jamaica], Kapo

[Jamaican Music], Olive Lewin

[Summer Chapel Services], Masse, Henry Mitchell, Julia Simpson, and Charles Hamilton

Submissions from 1973

[Aretha Franklin and Sermon: Demons, History, and Christ], Harold Carter and Aretha Franklin

[The Black Church and a Ministers Responsibility], Vincent Harding

[Climax in Black Preaching], Henry Mitchell

[Preaching as Rooted in Folk Culture], Henry Mitchell

[The Unleveled Lot Called Life, Communication in Race Relations], Henry Mitchell

[Acceptance Speech in Liberia and Sermon on MLK Jr.], Henry Mitchell, Thelma Adair, Ellen Sandamini, and William Augustus Jones

[Pentecostal History], Henry Mitchell, Willie Ella Asberry, E. P. Mitchell, and Jack Catherill

Submissions from 1972

[The African Slave Trade and Slave Castles]

[W.E.B. DuBois Autobiography, part 1]

[W.E.B. DuBois Autobiography, part 2]

[Education and Ministry in the Black Church], Thelma Adair and Mason

[Negritude and Black Identity], Ausah

[African Religion, Culture, and Social Change], Erico Ayisi and Kofi A. Opoku

[Conversation with Henry Mitchell and Bishop Barrow], Bishop Barrow and Henry Mitchell

[Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade], Kofi Darkwah and Henry Mitchell

[Lecture on Ethiopianism], Kofi Darkwah and Henry Mitchell

[Contemporary Yoruba Literature], Abiola Irele

[African Worldview Retention], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Culture in America and African Traditions], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Studies: The Black Soul], Henry Mitchell

[Freedom and Authority in Black Culture], Henry Mitchell

[Sermon: Building Bridges], Henry Mitchell

[The African American Continuum of Worldview], Henry Mitchell

[The Black Family: Cultural and Medical Perspective], Henry Mitchell

[The Effectiveness of Preaching in Black Culture], Henry Mitchell

[Witnessing to the Peculiar], Henry Mitchell

[Black Church Ministry Curriculum], Henry Mitchell and Thelma Adair

[Oral Traditions and Modern Literature in Ghana], Henry Mitchell and Jawa Apronti

[Islam in Ghana], Henry Mitchell and T. Mustapha

[Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Black Preaching], Henry Mitchell and Nichols

[Book Discussion About African Religion], Henry Mitchell and Russell

[Sango: God of Thunder and Lightning], Schuma and Henry Mitchell

[Interview with Rev. W.C. Trotter about Grandmother who was Angolian slave], W. C. Trotter and Henry Mitchell

[Critique of Black Belief (book) by Dr. Henry Mitchell], Albert C. Williams and Henry Mitchell

Submissions from 1970

[Education and Tradition in Africa]

[Commentary on the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.], Henry Mitchell

[The Role of the Black Preacher: The Ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.], Henry Mitchell