[Christianity and Voodoo in Haiti]

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Father Roger Desir discusses the history of Christianity and Voodoo in Haiti. He discusses how Christianity arrived in Haiti, including the arrival of Baptists and Methodists. Father Desir also answers questions from the audience including Henry Mitchell.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Father Roger Desir speaking about Christian churches and the voodoo religion.

00:00:27 Talks about how Haiti was formerly a French colony after being a Spanish Colony and the influence of the Roman Catholic church.

00:02:35 Talks about the early years of Haiti independence, and the first attempt to have non-Roman Christianity.

00:03:29 Talks about how in 1816 Jamaicans of the Methodist Church established the first Methodist church in Port au Prince, and not long after that are ordered to leave.

00:04:08 Talks about how in 1835 the first group of American Negros came to Haiti and how most were Methodist and created the Methodist Union Episcopal Church.

00:05:29 Talks about how in 1846 a group of Baptists from Massachusetts began work in Haiti, and another American Negro in 1852 established the Haitian Baptist Mission.

00:14:54 Talks about the 1940s when the Roman church took extreme action trying to eradicate voodoo.

00:17:40 Questions and answers session.

00:24:48 Talks about how more and more the religion of the Haitian is voodoo.

00:40:27 Talks about how inside the voodoo temple all people sit together.

00:53:16 Talks about the Episcopal Church and the reluctance to put creole in liturgy.

00:57:03 Questions and answers session.

01:31:51 Audio ends.


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