[W.E.B. DuBois Autobiography, part 2]

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DuBois, W.E.B., Oral Autobiography (2 of 2)


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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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circa 1972

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A man in character as W.E.B. DuBois discusses his life. The discussion includes his experiences at Fisk, Harvard and Atlanta University. He also discusses John Hope and his second book “The Philadelphia Negro.” He additionally discusses the need for academic study of the Negro, and his work with Atlanta University, United Nations, African Affairs, Russian peace meeting and the New York senate.

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00:00:08 Audio begins with a man in character as W.E.B. Dubois talking about leaving Massachusetts when he was 17 years old and attending Fisk, Harvard and travelling to Berlin.

00:04:30 Talks about colored people being in Boston and few colored people being at Harvard.

00:08:07 Talks about how upon entering Harvard he had made up his mind he was going to study philosophy but after being there he decided to give up philosophy and entered into the study of history.

00:16:46 Talks about how he came back from Berlin in 1892.

00:18:47 Talks about teaching at Wilberforce and ran into religious difficulties.

00:20:27 Talks about the call he received from University of Pennsylvania and his “The Philadelphia Negro Project” (his second book) .

00:23:01 Talks about the need for an Academic study of the American Negro and how Atlanta University called him to teach there, and in 1897 he went to Atlanta University to systematically study the American Negro.

00:31:01 Talks about problems of the draft and World War I and mistreatment of colored officers.

00:41:10 Talks about an offer from close friend John Hope who had been made president of a new university that consisted of Atlanta University and two or three other coveted institutions.

00:50:09 Talks about United Nations and the treatment of Negroes in the United States.

00:51:47 Talks about taking up work as assistance chairman on African Affairs.

00:54:17 Talks about Russian peace meeting.

00:55:03 Talks about run for senate in New York.

00:59:09 Talks about the Negro problem being a series of meanness which are unimportant and help nobody.

01:01:44 audio ends.


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