[The Black Church and a Ministers Responsibility]

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Harding, Dr. Vincent, MLK Program/Commentary on Research (Atlanta, GA)


Vincent Harding

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Vincent Harding gives lecture on the Black Church and ministry. In the lecture he discusses the need for Black minsters to speak clearly about the nature of the struggle. He also discusses the role of conscious conviction and economic determinism. Dr. Harding finally challenges minsters to evaluate the call to ministry.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Vincent Harding giving preliminary remarks.

00:03:48 Attendees introduce themselves and their interests.

00:16:22 Dr. Vincent Harding talks about his concern about the group sharing their real experiences with a larger segment of Black community outside of the range they are used to.

00:23:34 Talks about Black minsters in White controlled denominations and his hope they would speak as clearly as they can to the nature of the struggle.

00:26:28 Talks about the need to ask about White churches about what role of conscious conviction is as well as economic and historical determinism.

00:28:15 Talks about his desire to see some attendees speak to the meaning of the call, who calls and who answers and the mythology surrounding the call.

00:34:37 Talks about how many questions and definitions come out of traditional theological education, and the need to ask new questions that come out of the Black experience.

00:38:51 Talks about four major developments within the Black community: activist civil rights movement, urban rebellions, Black power and nationalist movement, and Pan-African development.

00:45:04 Talks about how pastoral care comes out of people who have been cared for.

00:45:28 Talks about the question of ministry and its relationship to the development of gifts and the power of church membership.

00:49:10 Talks about the role of women in Black churches and how the role varies from church to church.

00:54:02 Talks about how the churches and minsters need to speak the definition of liberation.

01:01:09 Talks about long concern of understanding relationships between faith.

01:04:18 Audio ends.


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