[Sango: God of Thunder and Lightning]

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Isola, Mr. Akin, Sango (Lagos, Nigeria)

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell introduces Dr. Shuma who gives a presentation on the African god Sango. In the presentation Dr. Shuma gives the origin of Sango, how Sango is worshipped, the level of worship, and plays a recording of Sango chants.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Henry Mitchell introducing the African god Sango and welcomes Professor Shuma.

00:00:32 Professor Shuma talks about how Sango provides a good example of the nature of religion and how in order for religion to survive it needs basic things.

00:05:09 Talks how the different versions of story of Sango.

00:12:43 Talks about how he believes that in any religion there is an element of mystery and fear and source of Sango power.

00:14:53 Talks about how Sango is worshipped and the association with thunder and lightning.

00:21:29 Talks about how Sango is worshipped every five days and describes three levels of worship.

00:28:20 Plays recording of Sango chants.

00:40:23 Talks about how he thinks there is an idea of guilt in Sango but not the same as Christian original sin.

00:47:35 Questions and answer session.

00:57:47 Audio ends.


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