[Dr. J.E. Jones on the Call to Preach and J. Vernon McGee on Moses]

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Jones, Dr. J.E., Ordination Service/Called to Preach Side 1, Series: Man W/The Whip, Man with The Colt Side 2

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. J.E. Jones delivers ordination sermon on preaching to the world in the church. In the sermon he explains how the church has no ministry if it lacks involvement with the world. He also describes his conversation with the dean of Trinity College in Toronto. J. Vernon McGee also gives lesson on Moses and his early life in Egypt.

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00:00:13 Audio begins with Dr. J.E. Jones speaking.

00:03:34 Talks about being forced to understand that it is totally false to place the church against the world with the world being the only reality.

00:06:01 Talks about those called to preach often ask the question “who am I why am I here?”.

00:14:23 Talks about how in spite of the prophet traditions of Biblicism, the church still wants comfortable words.

00:15:39 Talks about a conversation he had with students and Dr. C.R. Fielding the dean of Trinity college in Toronto about the problems of theological education.

00:18:48 Talks about how ministry can be greatest journey in the world.

00:21:47 Ends sermon.

00:21:55 Singing “How Great Thou Are”.

00:23:48 J. Vernon McGee talks about two women and a group that was greatly respected.

00:24:02 Reads from the Book of Exodus 1:22 and also talks about the birth of Moses.

00:25:17 Talks about Judas Iscariot, Peter, and low and debase things.

00:26:26 Talks about the story of Moses.

00:33:44 Talks about Pharaoh’s daughters and how God moves when one acts sensibly.

00:35:53 Talks about first forty years in the life of Moses in Egypt and how he was recognized as an Egyptian and his training at the Temple of the Sun school.

00:40:13 Audio cuts off.

00:41:31 Audio returns with Dr. J.E. Jones talking about career of parents accompanied by singing.

00:45:17 Talks about how Jerusalem and how the temple was a beautiful place.

00:56:45 Talks about things of a subtle nature that can go on for years unnoticed.

00:59:27 Delivers meditation called “The Man a Colt”.

00:59:37 Talks about the Passover and the inn being filled to capacity.

01:07:20 Talks about Jesus.

01:13:32 Talks about the seventy two disciples and no matter who you are it is wise to lend one’s life to Jesus.

01:15:07 Audio cuts off.

01:15:18 Audio returns with Dr. J.E. Jones talking about injustice.

01:21:59 Audio ends.


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