[Religious Journey to Jamaica]

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Lewis, Oliver Crucial Statement Repossession Assorted Rasta-Capa Side 1, Something in my Heart-Rastafarian Sermon Hymn and Sermons at Kapo’s Side 2



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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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A group of individuals (including Henry Mitchell) l travel to Jamaica. During the visit they are informed on the religious and musical practices of Jamaica. They also participate in a worship service that includes a sermon by Kapo.

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00:00:07 Audio begins with group conversation about travel arrangements.

00:02:04 Talks about how important it is for the group to be at the airport on time.

00:12:27 Unidentified voice talks about group arriving at Kennedy airport.

00:14:32 Airplane flight attendant gives safety instructions aboard Jamaican departing flight 010.

00:17:31 Airplane pilot gives information about the flight.

00:19:43 Unidentified woman talks about rhythms and drums and how there connection to the spirits and gods.

00:21:44 Talks about two basic types of songs. English songs in Jamaican dialect and Congolese songs taught by the spirits.

00:24:21 Talks about another type of music that started out as cult music (Tambo).

00:31:22 Sings and explains songs.

00:43:00 Presentation ends with applause.

00:43:10 Questions and Answers.

01:02:18 Choir sings.

01:03:48 Kapo talks about Christ and people looking for Christ.

01:25:45 Singing.

01:30:32 Kapo prays.

01:34:07 Singing.

01:39:16 Kapo talks about the Savior’s love and to think of Jesus.

01:40:50 Talks about how he loves the United States of America.

01:50:41 Sings “We Shall Overcome”.

01:52:55 Talks about God’s people and letting God’s kingdom be uplifted.

01:57:53 Talks about coming together and the world uniting.

01:58:32 Unidentified woman talks about last book chapters and how the main thing she found missing was a thread of continuity.

02:04:24 Audio ends.


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