[The Black Woman: Reality and the Myth]

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Mitchell, Ella, The Black Woman: The Reality and the Myth Side 1, Frances and Carr Burgess’ Baby-Dedication Naming per Ashanti Rite, Side 2


Ella Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Ella Mitchell gives a lecture on Black woman reality where she discusses the exploitation of Black women and the women’s liberation movement. This is followed by a woman leading a group conversation about young men and how to lead them in the right direction with the involvement of the church and other professions.

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00:00:05 Audio begins unidentified man speaking (distorted sound).

00:03:16 Unidentified woman sings.

00:05:49 Ella Mitchell talks about how she is grateful for the opportunity to speak.

00:07:46 Introduces topic The Black Woman: The Reality.

00:24:40 Talks about exploitation of Black women.

00:32:23 Talks about the women’s liberation movement attitude toward men and Black women constructing their own attitudes toward Black men.

00:38:26 Talks about constantly praying and God giving strength to be the people of God.

00:40:37 Ends lecture presentation.

00:40:50 Unidentified woman Gives greetings and introduces names.

00:46:34 Unidentified man speaks in foreign language.

00:58:11 Unidentified woman leads a conversation about what needs to happen in the home and in the church in terms of ministry for young men.

01:04:50 Talks about reaching out to all professions to involve and organize young men, and how the church can assist.

01:15:00 Audio difficult to hear.

01:25:56 Talks about being Black and sustaining students as a teacher.

01:32:30 Audio ends.


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