[The Unleveled Lot Called Life, Communication in Race Relations]

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Mitchell, Dr. Henry H., H.H.M. at UTEP Linguistics in Race Relations: Faithful Central; Parents/The Unlevel Lot Called Life


Henry Mitchell

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Martin Luther King Fellows In Black Religious Studies, Inc. Collection

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Dr. Henry Mitchell delivers a sermon on life. In the sermon he talks about being a faithful servant and taking the initiative in life. Dr. Mitchell also gives a presentation on communication, race relations and language.

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00:00:05 Audio begins with Dr. Henry Mitchell reading scripture.

00:00:41 Greets pastor Robinson and other guests.

00:03:26 Introduces his subject, The Unleveled Lot Called Life.

00:11:33 Talks about being a faithful servant.

00:18:12 Talks about how in December 1942 he was asked to come to Washington D.C. to be a candidate for a church.

00:21:06 Talks about how he is not talking about living in fake space or unreality and facing the reality of the whole lot.

00:26:57 Talks about thinking and taking the initiative.

00:32:00 Talks about grandma’s soul being in the presence of God.

00:36:51 Prayer.

00:42:17 Dr. Henry Mitchell’s wife speaks about hidden agenda and asks for feedback.

00:42:25 Music.

00:45:57 Dr. Henry Mitchell speaks about communication and race relations.

00:53:51 Speaks in Spanish.

00:56:18 Talks about issue of the extent to which one identifies with the speech of people like them.

00:59:30 Talks about how language is stratified and is used to signal to which part of the system one is in.

01:05:35 Talks about multicultural formation of a teacher.

01:11:36 Questions and Answers.

01:31:46 Audio abruptly ends.


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